Direct Energy Protection Plan

A heavy load is placed on your home’s plumbing system every day. It is because of all the pressure that your home goes through that routine maintenance is important to spot problems with your plumbing problems before they occur.

The objective of the Direct Energy Home Comfort Protection Plan is to give the residents in the state of Connecticut the peace of mind of knowing their home’s systems will always protected.

This plan is designed to give your home the routine maintenance needed to prevent a problem from occurring, and if a problem were to occur, our customers can be assured that our experienced and trusted plumbers will be there anytime 24/7 to fix any emergency.

Homeowners are responsible for maintaining the interior plumbing and drains in their homes. This is an area where most homeowner insurance policies do not cover repairs. By investing in the Direct Energy Protection Plan homeowners are protected against the most unexpected and most inconvenient repairs.

Our package plans cover a variation of the following and more:

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