Kitchen Plumbing New London, Connecticut
Kitchen Plumbing Repair – New London, Connecticut

Kitchens are where families cook, relax, and natural gather. If the home’s kitchen sink, layout, dishwasher, or garbage disposal is not working correctly, it can seem like the whole house is not functioning. In addition to performing repairs and unclogging drains, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing installs new garbage disposals, dishwashers, and water filtration systems.

Garbage Disposal Services – New London, Connecticut

Do you have a stinky, loud, inefficient, or broken garbage disposal?  Or perhaps you don’t even have a garbage disposal and are constantly having to clean out yucky sink traps.  When you are ready to upgrade your garbage disposal call Benjamin Franklin New London. In addition to new garbage disposal installation, we also repair old garbage disposals. Your garbage disposal will be trouble free after your get an efficient, modern garbage disposal installed by a professional plumber.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Water Filtration and Purification – New London

Do you purchase water from the grocery store or a delivery service? Besides the inefficiency of hauling water around, it is more economical to use the water that comes straight to your home. An efficient water purification system will give you clean, fresh, filtered water right at your kitchen sink. In addition to under sink systems, Benjamin Franklin can also perform a whole home water filtration installation so that every sink, shower, and other plumbing fixture in your home gives you filter water. Whether you would like to improve simply the taste of your home’s water or filter out chlorine or fluoride, we’ll walk you through the different water purification systems.

Better Business Bureau Accredited for Excellent Kitchen Plumbing – New London

Benjamin Franklin Kitchen Plumbing New London is Better Business Bureau accredited for garbage disposal plumbing, kitchen plumbing company, and friendly customer service. Benjamin Franklin has installed and repaired kitchen plumbing New London residents depend on since 1998. From putting in new kitchen sinks to hooking up dishwashers and garbage disposals, unclogging kitchen sink drains or installing water filtration systems, Benjamin Franklin is the kitchen plumber of choice for New London.

Why Choose Benjamin Franklin New London for Kitchen Plumbing?

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing New London certifies its kitchen services with the following quality guarantees:

  • Straightforward Written Estimates: No hidden fees with our work! You’ll have a written estimate in hand before the job begins.
  • Cleanup is Always Part of the Job: We know you don’t want to clean up after a garbage disposal repair!  That is why Benjamin Franklin is here.  We always clean up after repairs and installations and protect your home with shoe covers and tidy work.
  • Expert Plumbers Perform the Best Work: Benjamin Franklin is synonymous with quality plumbing work.  Your repairs or installations will stand the test of time because they will be performed the right way.
  • We are Never Late for Appointments.  Benjamin Franklin offers the best punctuality guarantee in the industry. “If there’s any delay, it’s you we pay.®” We PAY YOU $5.00 per each minute late up to $300.00.

For dependable kitchen plumbing services, call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing New London today at (860) 576-8870 or request an appointment.

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