Sump Pumps Installation & Repair – Andover, CT

Are you concerned that your home needs a new sump pump or sump pump repair work? If you are not confident about your home’s drainage system, call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing today for the best sump pump installation and repair.

Rain gutters, a properly sloped roof, and other drainage systems work to keep water away from your home’s foundation.  But what can you do if you live in an area with a high water table or experience flooding when it rains? A basement sump pump can be an important tool for keeping your home safe and dry. It is important to keep the basement dry to prevent water damage that leads to mold and mildew growth and expensive structural repairs.  While drainage systems are not the most exciting home improvements, they are one of the most critical for safety.

The plumbers at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s Andover Plumbers install dependable sump pumps and perform sump pump repairs that protect residents of Andover from flooding their homes and business locations.  We provide the professional plumbing that residents can trust!

What are the signs your home needs a sump pump?

  • A high water table that rises as it rains
  • The basement and foundation are often damp
  • During rains, the basement takes on water
  • You have a sump pump, but it discharges into the sewer
  • You currently have a water-powered or manual sump pump

Installation Process

When you call for sump pump service, our plumbers at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Connecticut, will examine of your home’s current drainage system, topography and soil type.  This will help us make a recommendation on the right system for basement waterproofing Connecticut residents can depend on. Your sump pump installation will protect your home and meet all building codes.

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Connecticut’s Trusted Sump Pump Experts

Benjamin Franklin Sump Pump Installation and Repair is proud to have provided sump pump service to the Connecticut, community since 1998. We are Better Business Bureau certified for sump pump service and customer service. Benjamin Franklin is proud to offer reliable Connecticut, sump pump services.

Why Choose Benjamin Franklin Connecticut?

  • Sump pump work with straightforward pricing and no hidden fees.
  • Benjamin Franklin Connecticut provides Connecticut, sump pump services that lasts. Our sump pump installations and repairs are guaranteed for one year.
  • Your home and basement will not be left a mess; we clean up.
  • We have the best on-time guarantee around- “If there’s any delay, it’s you we pay.®”  We PAY YOU $5.00 per each minute late up to $300.

For the best sump pump installation & repair, call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Connecticut today at (860)-742-6667 or request an appointment.

Our plumbing company provide sump pump services for the cities of Manchester and New London

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