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Water Filtration Installation Connecticut

Have you been thinking about installing home water purification, Connecticut? Many people would like to get rid of chlorine and fluoride in their family’s drinking and washing water. In addition to chemicals like fluoride and chlorine, many of our customers are concerned with trace prescription drugs and hormones present in many municipal water supplies. 

Health concerns aside, many people just don’t care to drink water that tastes like a swimming pool.  Efficient water filtration installation will improve the taste of your home’s tap water and remove the undesirable chemicals. The plumbers of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Connecticut are experts in water filtration and can make recommendations for the water treatment system that fit seamlessly into your home and your family’s life.

There are many different water purification systems available depending on your needs and plumbing system. We install point of use systems and whole home systems, reverse osmosis water filtration and ultraviolet disinfection, distillation systems, and filtration systems.   

How do whole house water filtration systems differ from point of use filtration systems? The whole house water purification systems treat every drop of water that enters your home with one system. The point of use water purification systems treats the water at each location, like an under the sink filter for the drinking water in the kitchen.  The point of use systems can be economical if you just want to treat a single shower and the kitchen sink.  Our water purification technicians provide the quality water filtration Connecticut families trust for pure, high-quality water.

Our water filtration systems are the highest quality. They are long lasting systems that eliminate or reduce not only chemicals, but also algae, sediment, and any unpleasant odors you are currently experiencing in the municipal water supply. Benjamin Franklin Connecticut Plumbing has been installing water purification systems families in Connecticut can trust for years as we are the local plumbing experts.

Connecticut’s Trusted Water Purification Services

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, we provide water purification in the Connecticut community since 1998. As a Better Business Bureau accredited water filtration plumber, we value our happy customers and their return business.

Excellent Water Filtration Systems for a Good Price

Benjamin Franklin Connecticut installs high-quality water purification systems for knowledgeable homeowners.  Our water purification technicians at Benjamin Franklin Connecticut always provide professional and friendly customer service. We perform the fresh water purification Connecticut residents choose for clean and tasty drinking water.  Why choose Benjamin Franklin Plumbing?

  • We have a one-year guarantee on our water purification systems; they’ll be installed correctly.
  • No sneaky hidden prices!  You’ll know all costs before work begins, or anything is ordered.
  • No messy plumbing stuff left behind! Our technicians clean up after each and every job and never leave footprints in your home.
  • Only expert plumber at Benjamin Franklin; we hire the most experienced and knowledgeable plumbers in Connecticut.
  • “If there’s any delay, it’s you we pay.®” We PAY YOU $5.00 per each minute late up to $300.00.”  We’ll be on time.

For a high-quality water filtration installation, call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Connecticut today at (860)-742-6667 or request an appointment.

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